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Robin Pinkney

I’m excited to work with MediaTracks because of the enthusiasm they show for working with new artists

Robin's interest in music began at an early age due to his family's eclectic taste. He played guitar and bass in bands with his brother before becoming more involved in writing music and production.

He has collaborated with notable songwriters such as Katie White (Ting Tings), Sarah Harding (Girls Aloud), and Howard New (Parlophone/EMI Records). Robin's interest in production music stems from the challenge of taking an idea and seeing it through while keeping it fresh.

One of Robin's most significant opportunities came when he was introduced to MediaTracks by a friend and music collaborator. He enjoys working with the company due to the enthusiasm they show for working with new artists.

When he's not working on music, Robin enjoys mountain biking in the hills of the Lake District and taking walks with his wife and rescue staffie, Ollie. He and his big brother used to compete to see who could play the fastest riffs, and Robin went on to play bass, rhythm, and lead guitar in bands that performed across Europe and Japan. He even formed a band with singer Howard New, and their music was featured on Radio 1 live from the Barrowlands in Glasgow.

Robin found collaborating with other writers and musicians to be incredibly rewarding, as it pushed him to bring something extra to the music-making process. Recently, Robin has been composing and recording for production music companies, enjoying the process of distilling compositions into short form to get to the heart of the idea.

Over the years, Robin has worked with many notable individuals in the music industry, including Sarah Harding from Girls Aloud, Katie White from The Ting Tings, Parlophone artist and songwriter Howard New, Andy McClusky from OMD, Emma Morton Smith from Lucid, and composer Colin Riley. With a passion for music and a talent for collaboration, Robin Pinkney continues to make his mark on the music industry.


Robin has worked as a writer, composer, and performer in a rock band that was featured on a Radio 1 concert broadcast, and has also earned stadium tour concert revenue through PRS for songs he has written for a girl pop band, in addition to ongoing PRS revenue.

Dream commission:

Tricky question for Robin, who contemplates whether to choose a serious art film with critical acclaim or a guitar extravaganza on a big budget action film.


Various electric guitars and bass, as well as acoustic guitars steel and nylon stringed, all recorded live with only post recording editing - he also plays and records keyboard and drum parts as required.

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