MediaTracks | Cevin Kehm


Cevin Kehm

With a passion for dark and unsettling soundtracks, Cevin Kehm is a master of suspense whose music hits all the right notes.

The personal contact and the sense of collaboration as a music and marketing team was unknown to me prior to encountering MediaTracks.

As far back as Cevin can remember, music has always captivated him. He’s had an unconventional journey to becoming a composer, initially studying engineering and working as a commercial airline pilot for 25 years. Throughout his aviation years, he was always learning, practising and writing music, and finally a few years ago he realised it was time to take the leap into the music world. It’s safe to say he hasn’t looked back since.

Having joined MediaTracks recently, Cevin can’t wait to produce tracks that are unique to the catalogue. He specialises in creating tense and suspenseful tracks for horror and paranormal genres, and enjoys the challenge of supporting the emotion of the scene while coordinating seamlessly with dialogue and visuals.

After years of working to tight airline schedules, Cevin is enjoying the creative freedom that composing brings. His feet are now firmly on the ground, and he loves nothing better than getting out in the fresh air for a long hike.

Cevin has recently joined the production music world and is currently building up his collection of published music, including an album for Mediatracks. He’s looking forward to seeing his music make its way out into the world far and wide very soon.

Dream commission:
For Cevin, working with music is a dream in itself, so every day he spends writing feels like a dream commission!

Guitar, synths, percussion, sound design.

Dark, unsettling, creepy, eerie.