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Welcome to “Production Music Demystified with MediaTracks Music”, a microcast of Music Works.

Music Works is an exciting, fresh classical music podcast for the music industry and is hosted by Polyphony Arts, with sponsorship from the Musicians' Union. Host Katie Manasse looks at how the industry works today and explores how it can work better in the future, both for those of us who work in the music sector and the audiences who support us.
“Insights, tips and reflections from some of the sharpest minds in the classical music business.”
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Production Music Overview - EMEBED

Simon James, Head of the UK office of Harvest Media

How to write to sync

Andrew Potterton, a composer with vast experience in writing for audiovisual projects.

Sync Market: Getting the Job

Simon Bradshaw, musician and composer with vast experience in the sync music market

Writing to commission

Ella Jarman-Pinto, a composer with an extensive background in music for film and TV

Making your track - Quality is Key

Helen Lyon, composer, A&R Manager and curator of MT Heritage

Recording and Mixing

María Cecilia Ayalde Ángel, a sound engineer and singer with experience in recording, editing and mixing production music.

Words, Words, Words!!! - The importance of keywords and descriptors

Ben Parry, composer, conductor and producer

The forgotten element - Mastering

Timothy Bond, composer and audio engineer

Getting paid - How?

Dave Newton | Relationship Manager - Media | Member Services, PRS