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New Trends

Production Music Trends for 2023 from MediaTracks!

So far this year has brought some new and exciting sounds that have shaped the music scene. In this blog, we explore five prominent trends, which have been the most searched for styles on our online catalogue.

Genre Fusion:

  • Breaking boundaries,
  • Creating magic,
  • Genres collide as artists blend pop, electronic, hip-hop, and world music

Get ready for eclectic compositions that push creative boundaries.

Lo-Fi and Chill:

  • Embrace tranquility,
  • Unwind in style,
  • Relax to soothing textures, nostalgic samples, and smooth beats.

Perfect for vlogs, podcasts, and digital content.

Orchestral Hybrid:

  • Tradition meets Innovation
  • Experience classical grandeur with modern flair

Orchestral and electronic elements combine.

Emotive and Reflective:

  • Stirring the depths of emotion
  • Feel the power of enchanting melodies
  • Lush harmonies, and evocative instrumentation in storytelling

Atmospheric Soundscapes:

  • Where dreams and realities converge
  • Immerse yourself in serene spaces
  • Crafted with atmospheric textures and minimalistic arrangements.

2023 MediaTracks Trends