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Looking to infuse your Paralympics/Olympics productions with authenticity and inspiration? Check out our "Paralympics" album. Crafted by artists with diverse disabilities in collaboration with charities Carousel and Can Do Musos, each track tells a story of resilience and triumph.

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In the world of music, there are stories that transcend melodies and lyrics, stories of triumph against all odds, and the power of creativity to overcome adversity. The "Paralympics" album is one such tale, a compilation of remarkable compositions by four artists and bands with disabilities, brought together in harmony through a collaboration with the esteemed disability charities Carousel and Can Do Musos.

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Andrés Godoy

Despite facing the challenge of losing his right arm in a life-altering accident, Chilean guitarist Andrés Godoy defied limitations with his self-taught technique, known as Tatap. Through sheer determination and creativity, he transformed his disadvantage into a unique advantage, crafting rhythms, harmonies, and melodies that captivate the soul.

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Hailing from Brighton, MacPerry is a visionary Hip-Hop artist renowned for blending Jazz, Hip-Hop, and Trap genres with thought-provoking lyricism. Despite facing dyspraxia and learning disabilities, MacPerry's music resonates with authenticity, addressing themes of love, discrimination, and inequality with unwavering conviction.

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The Morales

Born with Hemiparesia, a motor disability affecting the right side of his body, Braulio Morales channels his passion for music into compositions that transcend physical boundaries. As a talented musician and composer, he embodies resilience and the power of expression through his art.

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Beat Express

Formed by guitarist Ryan, bassist Lee, and drummer Chris, Beat Express is an electrifying rock band that defies expectations. With diverse learning disabilities, they've been Carousel members for over a decade, showcasing boundless energy and passion through their music.

The "Paralympics" album marks a ground-breaking endeavour in the production music space, amplifying the voices of underrepresented artists and celebrating diversity in its truest form. As advocates for inclusivity and creativity, we are committed to spreading awareness and support for these talented musicians, while striving to cultivate more projects that foster collaboration and empowerment.

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