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New MT Videos

Five new labels launched to celebrate our 25th anniversary. MT Electronic | MT Heritage | MT Records | MT Vocal | MT World

MediaTracks aims to change the way we consume and listen to music by focusing on the people behind the music (the composers), and to link the composers to the consumer - no matter who or where they are. We have a vision where our music is innovative, creative and of the highest quality written, performed by outstanding musicians for music-lovers, diverse and multigenerational audiences, filmmakers, but most importantly, for people who love and appreciate great music.

MT Electronic – Futuristic, syncable, crossover

Pulsating beats and electronic soundscapes for the dance floor and beyond.

  • Electronic
  • Modern soundscapes
  • Synthesized instrumentation
  • Beat driven
  • Techno influenced

MT Heritage – caters for a wide audience – range of products

Classic MediaTracks content from the past 25 years. Tried and tested, timeless tracks.

  • Underscore music
  • Traditional library music covering a variety of styles
  • Unobtrusive
  • High quality
  • Inoffensive

MT Records – Current, superior, fast to adapt

Our showcase label for new and emerging talent. Discover the latest pop and indie sounds here.

  • Popular music – different for each territory
  • Current Music
  • Commercial sounding
  • Relevant – sounds of now
  • Premium

MT Vocal – quality, limited volume, specialist

Unique choral and vocal arrangements, recorded by top quality choirs. Celestial classical or uplifting modern tracks.

  • Vocal groups
  • Bespoke arrangements
  • Sacred
  • Exceptional quality
  • Mixing traditional with contemporary
  • A cappella
  • Quick to adapt to market needs

MT World – real, authentic, diverse

Authentic music in traditional styles from across the globe. Engaging and immediate.

  • Traditional
  • Authentic
  • Diverse sounds
  • Inclusive
  • Connected to the past – ancestry
  • Cross over / fusion with other labels