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MT Vision

#SpaceForAll Vision, Mission Statement and Our Core Values


MediaTracks aims to change the way we consume and listen to music by focusing on the people behind the music (the composers), and to link the composers to the consumer - no matter who or where they are. We have a vision where our music is innovative, creative and of the highest quality written, performed by outstanding musicians for music-lovers, diverse and multigenerational audiences, filmmakers, but most importantly, for people who love and appreciate great music.

Mission Statement

  • MediaTracks is an artist-centred record label, represented around the world by an impressive collection of sub-publishers.
  • MediaTracks believes in diversity, and therefore we support audiences and composers from a wide range of genres while making it easier for customers to find the music they need. We have five labels, each with a clear and unique focus and expert curator, where we produce high quality tracks covering choral and vocal, pop and dance, and world music
  • In MediaTracks we are committed to young talent, which is why we have built an apprenticeship programme designed to find, foster and develop musicians, in order to prepare the next generation of diverse composers for success. We do this while focusing on giving a voice to underrepresented minorities within the music industry.

Core Values


We are an artist-centred record label and we focus on linking our composers to our customers.

Inclusion and Diversity

We provide a place for composers, regardless of their ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender, nationality to develop, flourish and promote their talent.


We foster creativity through our apprenticeship programme, and through building strong relationships with our composers so they can be inspired and motivated to create the highest quality music.


Our team of expert curators guarantee that every single track is of an exceptional standard.


We are delivering inventive ways of working, encouraging collaboration between artists, organisations and ourselves to produce imaginative soundscapes suitable for a wide range of markets across the world.

MT 2022 and onwards...


MediaTracks wants to support audiences and composers from a wide range of genres while making it easier for customers to find the music they need, which is why we have five labels - each with a clear and unique focus and curator:

- MT Heritage: Classic MediaTracks content from the past 25 years. Tried and tested, timeless tracks. Curated by Helen Lyon.

- MT Voice: Unique choral and vocal arrangements, classical or modern, recorded by top quality choirs. Curated by Ben Parry.

- MT World: Authentic music in traditional styles from across the globe. Engaging and immediate. Curated by Marcel Pusey.

- MT Records: Showcase label for new and emerging talent, a place for the newest pop and indie sounds. Curated by Simon Bradshaw.

- MT Electronic: Pulsating beats and electronic soundscapes for the dance floor and beyond. Curated by Andrew Potterton.

Each curator is a leading expert in the label’s genre, which means they maintain the highest levels of quality while engaging and supporting composers with diverse backgrounds.

Both Andrew and William Saunders, MediaTracks’ owners, highlight diversity and equality as fundamental pillars of MediaTracks:

“For our music to connect with the world, it needs to reflect the world, and developing diversity is a key priority for us as a business. This commitment feeds through into everything we do, from the composers and artists we work with, to the way we curate and market our music and so much more.”


This new chapter in MediaTracks history is characterised by innovation and change, exemplified through the launch of a new website, refreshed branding (crafted by Entwurf creative studio), a new team, and an updated catalogue.


MediaTracks believes in the power of collaboration – and it is with excitement that is announces its partnership with Polyphony Arts, an agency dedicated to management and marketing of classical music artists and diverse projects. Polyphony Arts and MediaTracks are working side-by-side on the creation of a more inclusive, understanding and rewarding music industry through the design, distribution and promotion of socially responsible and engaging material on several digital platforms (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Email and LinkedIn).


MediaTracks understands the importance of a community, and therefore it has built programmes and services to nurture composers and audiences. Its new mentoring program is designed to find, foster and develop young talent in order to prepare the next generation of diverse composers for success. In addition, MediaTracks offers a bespoke service, which encourages the musical and professional growth of existing composers while delivering excellence (under quick turnout times) to meet individual audience needs. Personalised, ethical and high-quality service brings young talent, composers and individual audiences together in a strong, growing MediaTracks community.


Innovation, growth and human approach characterise MediaTracks - an independent, top-quality production and record label. It is built for composers, musicians, music-lovers, diverse and multi-generational audiences, filmmakers, but most importantly, people.

MediaTracks a #SpaceForEveryone