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Introducing MT Minnies

MediaTracks Unveils MT Minnies: Elevating Children's Music with Top-Quality Offerings and Exciting Album Line-up MediaTracks, is addressing the lack of clarity and variety in children's music productions with the launch of MT Minnies. This new sub-label aims to redefine children's entertainment by offering top-quality, diverse music that meets the highest standards of excellence.

MT Minnies is dedicated to providing a seamless and convenient experience for children's TV and film production companies. The label will not only showcase new albums tailored specifically for young audiences but will also feature a selection of previously published albums that align with the MT Minnies brand.

With the launch of MT Minnies, MediaTracks continues to support and promote their existing album labels (MT Heritage, MT World, MT Records, MT Vocal and MT Electronic). Albums will continue to be released under these five main labels (depending on their genre) but will also have the possibility to be included in the MT Minnies category as well. This strategic decision ensures that MediaTracks' diverse range of music reaches a wider audience, catering to diverse musical audiences within the world of children's entertainment.

Clients can effortlessly discover MT Minnies albums through MediaTracks' user-friendly platform and advanced search engine by filtering albums labelled as MT Minnies (these albums will also include the MT Minnies sticker on their cover). The MT Minnies collection is also available on MediaTracks' DISCO library, offering a comprehensive resource for high-quality children's music to music supervisors and editors.

In addition to the upcoming albums, MediaTracks is excited to include a selection of previously released albums in this category. These albums have been chosen for their ability to resonate with children and will be a valuable addition to the label's collection.

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