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Making Classical Music More Accessible for Visual Storytelling

MT Classics: Demystifying Classical Music

MT Classics is reshaping how classical music is used in visual storytelling. With a focus on authentic recordings, and accessibility to users, MediaTracks are making Classical music a powerful tool for enhancing emotions and narratives in film and TV.

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Classical music is often seen as a symbol of high-culture and sophistication, but for those outside of its inner circle it remains a mysterious, complicated and exclusive world. With the launch of MT Classics, a label by MediaTracks in collaboration with CRD Records and Pitch Perfect music consultancy, Classical music is undergoing a transformation. Our aim is to make the genre more accessible and less intimidating for creatives across visual media.

How have we done it?
  • Classical repertoire available now as 90-second tracks, along with cutdowns and stings
  • Meticulous grouping of the tracks by moods, rather than by composer name.
  • Replacing the original catalogue names e.g ‘Opus 27, No.2’ (Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonata) or ‘BWV 992’ (Bach’s compositions) with descriptive titles such as ‘Symphonic Glory’ or ‘Mother’s Loss’

This label demystifies Classical masterpieces, making them essential tools for enhancing your visual storytelling on TV, film, podcasts, socials and more.


Authenticity is at the heart of MT Classics, as explained by Emma Pauncefort, owner of CRD Records. Emma emphasises three key aspects of authenticity in MT Classics recordings. Firstly, the authenticity of space; Our recordings come from some of the greatest Classical venues in the UK - with outstanding acoustics, they have been mainstays of Classical music making for centuries. Secondly, the authenticity of performers—world-class musicians who breathe a lifetime of dedication into these timeless compositions. And finally, the authenticity of the catalogue itself—fully original recordings carefully edited to retain their artistic essence and support the narrative.

Use in Media

And how does MT Classics facilitate the use of Classical music in TV and Film? MediaTracks’ creative director, William Saunders, discusses how Classical compositions can elevate visual storytelling with their rich emotional depth. Despite its potential in the realm of audiovisual media, Classical music has faced obstacles due to perceived inaccessibility, licensing challenges, and modern preferences favouring contemporary genres. MT Classics tackles these issues by eliminating licence complications and offering adapted versions to make the tracks far more practical.

Connection to Classical

Finally, Thomas Worley, curator of the MT Classics label, discusses the ‘universal language’ of Classical music. He highlights how these compositions, rooted in the human experience of love, pain, and grief, transcend time and can speak to audiences across generations. By reimagining Classical pieces with descriptive, visceral, narrative-led titles, MT Classics invites audiences to engage with the music on a deeper level, stripping away any intimidating catalogue names to reveal the emotional core of each piece.

MT Classics Albums

In summary, MT Classics is reshaping how classical music is used in visual storytelling. By focusing on authenticity, accessibility, and universality, we're making classical music a powerful tool for enhancing emotions and narratives in film and TV. Join us as we open up new possibilities for classical music in visual media.