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Max Micozzi Svendsen

Max Micozzi Svendsen

Max Micozzi Svendsen

Max Micozzi Svendsen


Max Micozzi Svendsen (he/him)

I like MediaTracks’s passion, communication and openness.

Max began to explore music at the age of five after discovering the Beatles. As he grew up, Max was inspired to pick up a guitar and teach himself how to play, and during his teen years he played in various Punk and Hardcore bands. While at University, Max’s knowledge of music and exploration of different genres continued, he discovered a passion for Electronic music and began producing downtempo Electronica, he released an album and various EPs under his alias, Maguera.

After University, Max started his career in music as a freelancer, he did everything audio related, from audio editing to post production, mixing and composing for media. Today, he specialises in music for advertising and audio branding, and is beginning to explore the production music business. Max enjoys the creative freedom within set boundaries that making production music offers him, he is able to effortlessly explore all different genres and styles to create bespoke pieces.

When not making music, Max loves to read and has recently discovered a new passion for sailing, he’s planning to get his nautical licence next year.


Max has worked with Nike, Adidas, Hugo Boss, Mercedes and Tommy Hilfiger

Dream commission:

Max would love to compose the music for a TV show based on the Don Winslow Trilogy, ‘The Power Of The Dog’.


Electric Guitar, Nylon Guitar, Drones, Piano, FM Synth, Cello, Violin, Viola, Bass, Strings, Hang Drum.

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