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I like how MediaTracks focus on putting the artists at the centre of the business and treat the composers as a composer in their own right.

It all started for BTAI when he began to learn the piano at age five, this sparked his passion and intrigue towards music. He then went on to study Music and Music Technology at the University of Nottingham where he achieved a first class honours degree.

After graduating University, BTAI has since built up an impressive portfolio through producing the songs of up-and-coming artists to writing industry leading advertising pieces.

BTAI enjoys writing production music as it gives him the opportunity and freedom to experiment with different compositional techniques and styles, as well as to explore a wide range of genres. When writing, BTAI seeks to evoke emotions in the listener. Every stylistic decision is made with this goal in mind, to create compositions that are impactful and memorable. Bradley creates commercial tracks that heighten the audience's focus and reinforce the purpose of the visuals.

Although music is BTAI's career and main hobby, you can also find him practising Karate, playing football or keeping fit at the gym.

BTAI's highlights include campaigns for the Samsung Galaxy S22, Galaxy Buds2 Noise Cancelling Earbuds and Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 Tips & Tricks.

Dream commission:

BTAI's dream would be to compose for an Audi R8 commercial!


Synthesizers, piano

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