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Simon Bradshaw (he/him)

MediaTracks have really drawn me in with their spectacularly honest and positive ideas and intentions. Any company that is open to ideas is one that makes big strides forward.

Simon’s love of music began in childhood, when he and his older brother would sit and listen to 80s rock LPs together, reading Kerrang and wondering if they’d ever see the bands play live. Since then, he’s gone on to become a performer, songwriter and producer, working with some of the best known names in the music industry.

Simon had his big break when he became a finalist in BBC TV programme UK's Best Part-Time Band, where he was mentored by one of his musical heroes, Peter Hook (Joy Division/New Order). Since then, he’s toured the US and Europe as a performer and producer, as well as building a thriving career as a songwriter and composer.

Simon has been proud to gain the support of many of the organisations he grew up admiring, including NME, Q, Mojo and BBC Radio 6 Music. In 2018, he was nominated for Best UK Solo Artist and Best UK Song by the indie bible Pure M. He also had the chance to take part in a John Peel session, which is a memory he treasures. Over the years, he has worked with some of the biggest names in music, including The Wombats, Girls Aloud and Red Hot Chilli Peppers. He recently co-wrote a track for K-Pop legends ShinEE on their hit album ‘Don’t Call Me’, which was a number one hit in over 70 countries.

Simon joined the production music world more recently, and is enjoying the variety and collaborative opportunities it brings, as well as the challenge of writing in a variety of different styles and coordinating audio with visual media. When he’s not busy juggling all of this, Simon is also in a band with his young daughter, and is making the most of it until she decides she’s too cool to perform with her dad.

Simon’s work has been credited on a variety of films and TV shows, including Snatch and Gossip Girl.

Dream commission:
Simon is dreaming of the day when Disney give him a call about doing something Star Wars related!

Rock – guitar, drums, bass, vocals
Pop – programming, synths, strings, brass, drum machine, vocals

WeatheredMan (artist) – rock, pop, indie, alternative, garage rock
WeatheredMan (producer) - pop, electro-pop, indie-pop, K-Pop, retro-pop

Singer, songwriter, producer, indie, alternative, pop, rock, garage rock, noisy, polished, epic, emotional, riffs, catchy, synths, dramatic, powerful, intense.

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