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Robbie Tooth (he/him)

I'm very excited with my involvement with MediaTracks. They are a company rooted in family, who has a reputation of innovative strategy, and represents a diverse catalogue of exceptional quality.

Robbie Tooth is a talented multi-instrumentalist and composer with a lifelong passion for music. He grew up in a household that celebrated creativity, and this early exposure to the arts inspired him to begin studying Piano, Drums, and Guitar at a young age. Robbie discovered his love for composition through his insatiable obsession with the PlayStation 1 sequencer, 'Music 2000'.

In his teenage years, Robbie began touring with various pop, indie rock, and death metal bands, gaining valuable experience and honing his craft. After completing his studies in composition at Leeds College of Music, Robbie worked in some of the UK's most prestigious recording studios, such as RAK, Strongroom, and The Nave, where he developed his production skills in recording, mixing, and mastering.

Today, Robbie is an accomplished composer who draws on his diverse background and experience to create emotive and dynamic music. His compositions range from sweeping orchestral arrangements to pop hits and intimate piano pieces, all characterized by emotional depth, simplistic melodies, and rich harmonies. Robbie's music has been successfully placed across Radio, TV, and advertising, showcasing his ability to create music that resonates with listeners on a 'real' level.

Robbie's unique talent and passion for music continue to drive his career, and he is constantly exploring new ways to create and share his art with the world. Whether he is crafting intricate soundscapes or penning catchy pop melodies, Robbie's music is always infused with authenticity and emotional depth, capturing the hearts of audiences worldwide.

Dream commission:

Writing the heartbreak song for a Disney or Pixar smash hit.


Drums, Guitars, Vocals, Synthesizers, Piano

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