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Lucas Poole

At MediaTracks I've gained some really useful knowledge in creating music and I look forward to the challenge it will bring me.

Lucas inherited his passion for music from his parents. His journey into composing is a modern one; at the age of thirteen he began experimenting with creating music on an iPad. He then went on to study at the Access To Music College in Norwich where he achieved a distinction in music production. From there, Lucas decided to do an Electronic Music Production FdA at Leeds Conservatoire, which has since led him to study for a BA Honours in the subject.

By designing all of his sounds from scratch through synthesis, recording and audio manipulation, Lucas is able to produce truly unique pieces of music. It’s obvious Lucas loves to experiment with sound and he has a particular passion for dark, powerful synth sounds that are achieved by manipulating the audio effects.

Lucas is fond of beat driven, electronic music but really enjoys the freedom to create music within other genres. He relishes the challenge of creating new music that he wouldn’t instinctively create, this allows him to develop different techniques he can take with him into any project.

When not making music (which is not often), you can find Lucas working on his fitness at the gym.

Lucas’ music has been released on multiple record labels including Sub49 Collective, Audimus Records, Incursion Records, Rock Bottom Records, No Face Records, LXXIV Records and Subsound.

Dream commission:

Lucas would love to work on a large scale movie with a dark theme, where he can really experiment with interesting sound design.


Synthesisers, acoustic drums, electric drums, saxophone, samples, foley


Bass House, Tech House, House, Lofi House, Lofi Hip Hop, R&B, Hip Hop, Synthwave, Garage, Liquid Drum and Bass, Dark/Neuro Drum and Bass