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Harry Kinchington

I think there is rather a lot to gain from the Apprentice scheme at MediaTracks, and simply doing what I love, writing music, is a win in my book!

Harry’s journey into music began when he started playing cello at the age of six. Throughout his childhood he performed in various arts orchestras in Leicestershire and he was in awe of the sound the orchestras created in large venues, as well as the sense of togetherness he felt playing alongside his fellow musicians.

After mastering the cello, Harry picked up the electric guitar which opened the door into the world of rock bands and guitar riffs, leading him to form his own band and perform gigs.

While at school, Harry studied music technology where he experimented with samples and synths, and explored different genres including Hip Hop. After school Harry went on to study Music Production at Leeds College of Music, where he was introduced to new artists, genres and styles that expanded his own musical interests and influences. While at university, Harry had the opportunity to attend a writing camp at the production studio “Sizzer” in Amsterdam (as part of the Amsterdam Dance Event); he spent time in the studio working with different musicians from across Europe and wrote music to various briefs, such as the Google Pixel 2and a perfume advert. This is when he realised that to do this for a living would be his absolute dream job. Since then, Harry has formed two bands and been the sole writer for them.

Regardless of the project, Harry enjoys the expressiveness of going into a fresh brief and is excited to see where his ideas might take him. With a broad knowledge of eclectic genres as well as his technical skill, Harry is able to create bespoke compositions that tell a story.

When not writing music, Harry loves to skateboard, snowboard, read fantasy novels and play video games.

Harry has performed live on BBC Music Introducing West Yorkshire with his band Mugen, and received support from Record of the Day and Xune Mag.

Dream commission:
Harry’s dream commission would be anything downtempo and relaxed or in a hip hop style.

Guitar, Bass, Vocals, Backing Vocals, Keyboard, Synthesiser, Drums

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