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We are able to work with MediaTracks through their partnership with Carousel, and we are very thankful with them as they’ve given us constant support and feedback

Beat Express is an adrenaline infusing rock band formed by guitarist Ryan O'Donovan, bassist Lee Hubbard and drummer Andrew Jones. Their songs and lyrics offer a powerful and authentic reflection of their experiences and feelings within mainstream society.

Since their formation in 2007 as part of Carousel’s first band, Beat Express has been at the forefront of the ‘learning disabled music’ movement. They have toured extensively across the UK and Europe, performing at a wide range of events, from school graduations to major rock festivals. Their trailblazing efforts have earned them a unique place in the music industry.

Beat Express’s collaboration with MediaTracks and Carousel for the Paralympic EP project marked their foray into production music. This opportunity allowed the band to write music with specific themes in mind, enabling them to visualize the accompanying film or picture as they composed.

The band values their relationship with MediaTracks, appreciating the support and constructive feedback that helps them continuously improve their craft. Outside of their professional pursuits, Beat Express members are passionate about creating music that not only entertains but also raises awareness and fosters understanding of learning disabilities in society.

Credits: None yet but eager to get syncs on our Paralympics album!

Dream commission: To be featured in the Paralympics’ coverage soundtrack

Instruments: Guitar, Bass, Drums

Genres: Rock, Power Pop

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