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Ashley Holbrook

Ashley Holbrook

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Ashley Holbrook (he/him)

MediaTracks really puts the artist first and it shows in their treatment of each composer/band/artist. I love that they foster a work ethic of creativity while helping to direct the music in a way that is enjoyable for listening and for use in various media.

When Ashley was just eight years old, he started playing guitar which he practised religiously until he reached grade eight.

As Ashley’s love for music grew, his interest quickly turned to making his own music, so started producing music for local artists and bands, helping them to develop their creative ideas. A friend noticed Ashley’s drive and compassion, so suggested Ashley delve into the world of production music. Since then, Ashley has enjoyed the freedom to try out new ideas, explore different genres and work to a variety of briefs in production music.

Ashley’s musical style is very broad, which allows him to create soundscapes for a variety of different projects. Ashley leans towards more cinematic and epic musical styles, but also finds joy in creating tracks driven by rhythm, such as: Afrobeat, Trap, Hip-hop, and creating a unique blend between marching/orchestral drums with drum machines. This blending of different styles, especially through drum sounds, is a huge spark of creative inspiration for Ashley.

When not making music, Ashley and his partner love to binge watch TV shows (for research and inspiration, of course!), as well as walking his dog and spending time with his family.


Ashley has been lucky enough to land some placements with Nat Geo, BBC iPlayer, Virgin, MTV, Hulu and Fox Sports.

Dream commission:

Ashley has always wanted to score a film.


Orchestral Drums, Electronic Drums, Synths, Electric Guitars, Strings, Brass, Sound Design.

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