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David Lol Perry

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David's journey in music began with a college band that caught the attention of 4AD, signalling a promising start to his career. However, despite the band's success, they eventually disbanded, leaving David with a sense of unfinished business. It was during this time that he was approached to produce music for the play 'The Elephant Man,' a story he held dear to his heart. The experience ignited a profound love for music, leading him to make the bold decision to leave behind a lucrative six-figure salary in the city and fully commit himself to the art of composition.

Seeking new avenues for his creativity, David collaborated with the world-class Quiristers from Winchester College, creating captivating demos that combined plainsong with accompaniment. This exceptional work secured him a record deal with Warner Classics, and his album 'Three Wings' soared to the top of the charts in the UK.

The challenges presented by the lockdown period inspired David to explore production music, giving him the freedom to experiment and express himself without the constraints of a defined brand. While he had previously published tracks in Canada, this new endeavour allowed him to fully embrace his strange and captivating musical style.

In his quest to push the boundaries of his music, David found himself drawn to MediaTracks, an opportunity to share his distinctive style with a wider audience. Curious to see how other libraries and studios would interpret his compositions, he eagerly embarked on this new creative partnership. The professionalism exhibited by MediaTracks resonated with David, affirming his belief in the power of his music and its potential impact.

Outside of his musical endeavours, David finds solace in his studio, nestled in a serene corner of a medieval city, near a tranquil river. Immersed in local history, he embarks on peaceful walks, drawing inspiration from his surroundings. When not composing, David can be found delving into books about music, indulging in films, or simply losing himself in the enchanting melodies of diverse musical genres.


UK Specialist Classical Charts, No 17 November 2017. David was interviewed for BBC Radio 3 'In Tune' around the same time.

Dream commission:

Any production in which Cristobal Tapia de Veer has worked in would be an absolute dream.


Strings, particularly the cello, alto vocals, soprano vocals, piano.



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