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Daniel Chironno (he/him)

The team is incredible! From the first meeting, I could feel the company’s deep appreciation for curation & creative freedom in their roster of composers, and encouragement of genre fusions & collaborations

Dan's passion for music began during the rise of compact digital media players. Fascinated by the behind-the-scenes footage of recording studios while watching MTV and listening to his favourite artists, he became captivated by the process of music production. Through experimentation with music production software and collaboration with local artists, Dan honed his skills and discovered his talent for creating captivating soundscapes.

After studying Studio Production at SUNY Purchase, Dan embarked on his career, producing tracks in various genres, and performing with his clients at live events. A serendipitous moment occurred when one of his original tracks, "Never Let You Go," was selected for a SUNY Purchase advertisement, exposing his music to thousands of sports fans at Yankee Stadium.

Inspired by the power of music licensing, Dan ventured into the world of production music. Drawing inspiration from his favourite electronic styles of the late 90s and Y2K era, as well as retro video game soundtracks, he embarked on creating compositions that merged the familiar with the modern. His unique approach breaks boundaries in electronic music production while maintaining emotional connections that resonate with artists and listeners.

Dan's journey led him to MediaTracks, a company he discovered through social media. The MT Electronic label and its curator, Andrew Potterton, caught his attention. As he delved deeper into the company's mission statement of "Space For All," he recognized MediaTracks as a fearless disruptor and pioneer in the music licensing space.

Outside of his music career, Dan enjoys running in nature to recharge his creativity. He has also taken up pickleball, embracing the challenge and the opportunity for growth. Additionally, he finds inspiration in workout DVDs featuring 90s or Y2K-themed music, particularly enjoying Beachbody workouts such as Insanity and P90.


Bespoke Music: Created "Stadium Warm Up", walk on music for "Brandon Hernandez, Maxim Records performance at US Open

Advertising: Original song, "Never Let You Go" placed in a SUNY Purchase Ad that aired during a NYCFC Game at Yankee Stadium

​Producer, Songwriter: Original music for artist "Dasha", "Wash Away" featured as "Song Of The Day" on blog "A Bit Of Pop Music":

Dream commission:

Arcade Game (Platformers, Rail Shooters, Fighters, Kart Racers, and Side Scrollers). Daniel would love to infuse some bit crushed, quirky techno to motivate the hyper, polygon players.


Live: Bit Crushers, Drum Machines, Keyboards, Outboard Processors & Pedals, Sound FX, Synthesizers, Vocals & Vocal FX. Features recorded collaborations from fellow studio artists that are vocalists, guitarists, drummers, and bass players. Digital: Drum Machines, Keyboards, Sound FX, Synthesizers, Synthesized Guitars, Synthesized Strings


Quirky, electronic instrumentals. Modern take on 90s/Y2K electro pop, retro video game soundtracks..

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