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Cleo Lebuc

“I really appreciate that MediaTracks is open-minded and excited to work with creators who have a vision. I'm glad to be on board.”

Cleo picked up the drums at age 7, playing in every band he could find, from punk to indie and hip-hop groups in high school and college. Responding to the impermanence of living in a city, Cleo taught himself Ableton as a way to keep making music even when bandmates began moving to different cities for new jobs.

Since then, Cleo relocated to LA and continued his work with a variety of genres through production work and composing / writing music for commercials, independent films, and theatre. Running his own independent house show venue, Edge Venue LA (where you can catch him working the sound board), became a place to build musical communities and relationships.

Cleo became interested in production music when he discovered that writing music with the intent of it serving a multimedia context is a really fulfilling experience. He has an image in mind when he is creating, and that image gets built upon by someone whose vision it matches. Cleo says it's always a thrill to see the result!

Outside of his musical life, Cleo is a competitive football player and enjoys body surfing – name two more unexpected, yet awesome, hobbies!


Cleo has produced for a number of different Los Angeles based artists including Emmy Lux, Easy Sleeper, and Victoria Blade. Most recently, his solo production was featured in a film, "Grace & Sophie", which premiered at Boundless Film Festival in London.

Dream commission:

Cleo would love to score the soundtrack to a mind-bending dystopian thriller movie or series.


Synthesizer, electronic piano, drums

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