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Tom Harrison

I enjoy the freedoms that MediaTracks allow, which really encourages composers to explore areas they are not too familiar with.

Tom Harrison is a composer and musician residing in Leeds. His music has a vibrant sound that showcases a selection of groove-based basslines, trippy synths, and ear-worm vocals.

He fell in love with music from a young age, when his dad showed him an Evanescence album he bought and played it on all car journeys. He became obsessed with metal and has slowly explored almost all genres one can think of, from indie psychedelic bands like Tame impala through to performing heavy EDM sets through his DJing. Tom says he is now hooked on exploring Spotify for obscure world funk & dance music.

Tom has only discovered the world of production music recently after speaking with our MT Electronic curator, Andrew Potterton. Of this world, he enjoys the chance to explore different areas of his compositions that he might not have explored otherwise. For example, Tom has been focused on minimal house productions for the past two years. With his newest EP, Disco Pop, he has had a big focus on harmony as well as creating a solid groove.

His musical inspirations are Disco/ 80s synth Pop/ Neo soul & Jazz, plus anything with a groove! He is driven by the pure enjoyment and thrill of composing and producing music, whether that is getting the right EQ setting on a kick drum or spending hours on one chord sequence until it is perfect. When he is not composing, Tom spends time cycling - whether that is a relaxed ride with friends heading to a pub along the canal, or more intense mountain biking sessions.


None yet, as Tom has just started working on production music.

Dream commission:

Maybe not a commission as such, but one of Tom’s dreams is to take his friends to a studio that is based in the countryside for one or two weeks and just compose anything and everything with no restrictions.


Most of his compositions are made with samplers and live guitars.

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