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Alex Laudani (he/him)

Alex Laudani (he/him)

Alex Laudani (he/him)

Alex Laudani (he/him)


Alex Laudani (he/him)

I like the professionalism of MediaTracks. I am looking to break into and earn in European market, which is where they have a really good presence.

When Ashley was just eight years old, he started playing guitar which he practised religiously until he reached grade eight.

Drawing heavy influence from bands like Radiohead, Incubus, and Portishead, as well as avant-garde electronic and ambient music, Alex is passionate about tone and the search for new, soulful sounds. His music possesses a distinctive edge and character, emphasizing the humanity and imperfections that resonate deeply with listeners.

Alex began his music career playing in bands and spent over a decade touring and performing live. His transition into production came out of necessity, leading him to master recording, producing, and mixing his material. A mentor introduced him to production music, which opened doors to composing for various production libraries. Recently, he has focused on creating bespoke music for brands.

He enjoys the challenge and process of writing production music, aiming to enhance and bring visual media to life. Alex connected with MediaTracks through LinkedIn and is excited about the professionalism and opportunities to break into the European market.

Credits: Alex has credits on networks like ABC, NBC, CBS, Fox, NASCAR, Paramount +, ESPN, and with brands such as Nissan, NFL, UPS, etc. His work has also been featured in several short films and trailers.

Dream commission: To score an entire film

Instruments: acoustic guitar, electric guitar, electric bass, keys, vocals, and foley

Genres: Indie, Electronic, Rock

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