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Stamos Mardou

I like working for an inclusive and professional company and the opportunities for monetisation, networking and general career-expansion that are available as a result.

Stamos Mardou (he/him) is a British/Greek composer known for his instrumental compositions which prioritise harmony and melody over rhythm. His approach to music creation is driven by his passionate pursuit of higher beauty, using his artistic intuition and aesthetic instincts to explore the frontiers of sound.

His artistic style and approach are influenced by various creative methodologies, including the methods of Jack Kerouac, Salvador Dali, and Jackson Pollock. From his early interest in music and realization of its potential as a career, Stamos has cultivated a blossoming passion for writing music. He is particularly drawn to the art of cinema, with a deep appreciation for short and feature films, documentaries, television series, and games. Writing production music allows him to add his personal touch to the shared canvas of visual media, creating a unique blend of audio and visual storytelling.

Stamos's journey led him to MediaTracks after completing his debut media album 'White' and seeking a company to publish and monetize his work. He values the creative freedom, networking opportunities, and formal nature of working with a professional production library. Outside of his musical pursuits, Stamos indulges in literature, theater, art, classical concerts, exercise, and exploring the vibrant cultural scene of London.


As of yet, Stamos’ work is yet uncredited, as has been focussing all his energy of improving the quality of his work, expanding his technical skillset, honing his individual craft and developing a unique, identifiable sonic identity and sound palette.

Dream commission:

Working with or for Hans Zimmer on an epic fantasy adventure film, more specifically to record with a massive orchestra and choir in a church or cathedral


Acoustic guitar, electric guitar, bass guitar, piano, keyboards, vocals, lyre harp, piano, vocals and acoustic guitar (LIVE). A selection of sound libraries from Spitfire Audio, including cinematic frozen string, epic string, intimate strings, BBC SO strings (free sample), epic choir and cinematic pads.