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Oscar Simons

What an amazing treat to be mentored by MediaTracks! The professionalism is incredible and the amount I will learn from such prestigious professionals is going to be career changing.

Oscar Simons (he/him) describes his work as good, fun, and honest, with a focus on melody and collaboration. He believes in letting the best idea prevail and leaving egos at the door. Oscar's interest in music started at a young age, and he discovered his passion for music production while studying at Newcastle University.

His journey led him to Abbey Road Institute in London, where he learned about production music. Writing production music excites Oscar because it allows him to enhance other works (like films or series) with his musical compositions.

Oscar's introduction to MediaTracks came through a recommendation from a professor, and he was drawn to the company's professionalism and the opportunity to learn from esteemed professionals. As an Arsenal supporter and an enthusiast of jump rope, running, and the gym, Oscar enjoys staying active outside of work. Additionally, he is a devoted follower of Max Martin and his team, dedicating time to studying their craft and honing his own musical skills.


Oscar’s first single 'I Want All Your Love' had cuts on Radio Italiana in the Balearics, BBC Radio Bristol and Radio Liverpool Live. It was released independently and received many positive reviews!

Dream commission:

Something for Disney!


Keys, guitar, bass, vocals