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Mathias Levy

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Mathias Levy (he/him)

I am very excited to be writing for MediaTracks and can't wait for them to share it with the world!

Mathias Levy (he/him) is a French composer who thrives on experimentation with orchestral and world instruments, emphasizing captivating harmonic content in his work. Mathias began his musical journey later in life at the age of 13, quickly developing a passion for composing.

After studying music in college, he discovered his natural affinity for film music and was hired by Anna Rice, with whom he has been working ever since. The world of production music provides Mathias with the opportunity to write music every day, embracing different soundscapes, meeting briefs, and honing his skills as a composer.

By joining the MT Apprentice Scheme, Mathias is excited to challenge himself and immerse in the world of music creation with purpose, sharing his compositions with the world. Working with a mentor who possesses extensive experience is a thrilling prospect for him, offering valuable learning opportunities. Outside of his music career, Mathias finds enjoyment in playing and watching tennis, as well as indulging in video games with remarkable soundtracks, which fuel his creativity and interests.


As a Media Composer, Mathias has only worked on student films so far. However, thanks to his job with Anna Rice, Mathias is credited as Production Assistant on Andrea Corr's "The Christmas Album" with more to come on forthcoming projects.

Dream commission:
A Pixar film

Traditional Orchestra (samples), Piano (samples)