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Juan Hernández and Andrea Martínez

Juan Hernández and Andrea Martínez

Juan Hernández (he/him)

Juan Hernández (he/him)


Juan Hernández (he/him)

With MediaTracks my music will be carefully listened, respected and curated.

Juan Hernández (he/him) is a versatile Colombian session guitarist and orchestral composer known for his fusion of pop and orchestral music. Through Juan.Andrea, his collaborative project, he creates comforting instrumental music that transports listeners to a safe musical space.

From a young age, Juan's passion for playing the guitar made him realize that music could be his career. Intrigued by the possibilities of production music, he joined forces with Andrea, his teammate, who helped him bring his musical vision to life. Writing production music allows Juan to explore a wide range of moods and styles, tapping into indescribable emotions and deepening his understanding of himself.

Joining MediaTracks, recommended by a friend, aligns perfectly with Juan's values. He appreciates the company's commitment to curating music and providing personalized attention, ensuring that his artistic career receives the respect it deserves. Juan's creative pursuits extend beyond music. He finds solace in visual arts, particularly drawing, which has been a passion since his early years. Engaging in mural painting with his brother and uncle brings him comfort and provides an outlet for his artistic expression. With his unwavering dedication to music and a diverse range of creative endeavours, Juan Hernandez continues to make a lasting impact with his unique blend of pop and orchestral sounds.


The National Symphonic Orchestra of Colombia played Juan’s music on 2022. It was a full orchestra piece called Abismo – very exciting! And with Juan.Andrea they’ve composed music for dance, theatre, and for one beverage brand in Mexico called San Junipero.

Dream commission:

Juan would love to composer music that blends his different interests, like orchestral music with synths and roaring guitars (like the Assassin’s Creed 2 and Halo soundtracks). In Juan’s own words: ‘what if Natalie Holt's Loki/Obi Wan Kenobi met Ramin Djawadi from Game of Thrones/Westworld and Nicholas Britell from Succession's and wrote a main theme?’


Recorded live: Voice, guitar, drums (sometimes), bass guitar, Keyboards. MIDI: Full Orchestra and individual orchestral instruments (woodwinds, percussion, etc.), some synths, and some spitfire audio libraries.


Symphonic Ambient Pop

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