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Their commitment to inclusivity as well as the championing of musicians with learning disabilities seems completely genuine

Ben Moss (he/they) is a UK composer and producer known for their unique blend of traditional orchestration, EDM-influenced synth, and creative foley manipulations. Their compositions create hopeful, ethereal atmospheres with a distinctly human touch, driven by open chord voicings and soaring melodies. Ben's work aims to address meaningful themes and provide comfort to listeners, while pushing boundaries of representation.

From a young age, Ben's love for performing and singing on stage led them to pursue trumpet and vocals, performing with the National Youth Music Theatre. As their interests shifted towards melodic electronic and bass music, coupled with a growing passion for games and media, Ben discovered the powerful storytelling potential of sound and music. This realization led them to focus on music production, studying music technology and creative music technology in university. During their studies, Ben learned about the production music industry and its potential. Encouraged by a lecturer experienced in the field, they embraced the challenge of writing production music.


  • Composer & Sound Designer – Nick Dear's Frankenstein, Headgate Theatre, Colchester, November 2022
  • Minus One (2020) (Suicide awareness student short film)
  • Money for Fish (2023) (Short animated film – Currently in post-production)
  • Additional Music - Connemara (2023) (Currently in post-production)

Dream commission:

Any Star Trek project! The combination of a hopeful outlook on humanity, strong ethical and moral themes, and a huge and wonderful sci-fi world to get lost in is exactly the kind of world Ben would love to contribute to!


Orchestra (sample libraries), synths (VSTs), manipulated (vocoded/granulated) acoustic/field recordings, vocals (live), trumpet (live)


Hybrid Orchestral & Electronic/Sound Design Scoring for Moving Image