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Andrea Martínez and Juan Hernández

Andrea Martínez and Juan Hernández

Andrea Martínez

Andrea Martínez


Andrea Martínez

I admire the way MediaTracks approach music with such respect for the artists.

Andrea Martinez (she/her) is a Colombian musician and music producer driven by the belief in the power of music to touch hearts. With a diverse musical background encompassing classical, pop/rock, and instrumental ambient genres, Andrea brings a unique blend of styles to her work.

From a young age, she pursued music, mastering the violin and later transitioning to the piano. During her university studies in music and sound engineering, she met collaborator Juan Hernandez, propelling her growth as a producer. Together, they embarked on personal music projects and crafted music for independent artists and audio-visual endeavours.

MediaTracks caught Andrea's attention for their respectful approach and potential to expand her reach, aligning with her goal of making a living from music production. Inspired by literature, museums, and analogue photography, Andrea's creativity extends beyond music, enhancing her artistic pursuits. With her project "Juan.Andrea," she continues to create impactful and emotionally resonant compositions, forging a profound connection with her audience.


  • Music for the podcast "Backstage Talk".
  • Music for the brand "San Junipero" (Mexico).
  • Original Soundtrack for contemporary dance performance "Si no llegara a conocerse".
  • Original song for the play "Usted no me despide, yo renuncio". This play has been performed in several theaters in Bogotá and other cities in Colombia.
  • Recording engineer for Santiago Cruz's album "Dalth"

Dream commission:

Andrea has three dream commissions:

  • Writing the original soundtrack for a medieval fantasy movie (something like Lord of The Rings)
  • The soundtrack of a film that combines classical music and pop (like The Mandalorian or Loki)
  • Making a full length album with Juan.Andrea


Recorded: Electric guitar, keyboards, piano, voice Using MIDI: Mainly strings and other orchestral instruments (woodwinds, percussion, etc)


Ambient, pop