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Owen Francis (he/him)

I'm very excited to explore production music with the help of a team of long standing professional composers and producers and make connections for the rest of my career.

Owen Francis (he/him) is a British producer known for his electronic music, particularly Organic House, which incorporates sampled world music instruments. Owen's passion for music ignited during his teenage years, with the guitar serving as his initial entry point.

As he pursued music production in university, he discovered the potential of a career in production music, which allowed him to explore different styles and learn from other artists' creative processes.

MediaTracks caught Owen's attention through his university, offering a platform that emphasized mentorship, growth, and professional development. Excited about collaborating with experienced composers and producers, Owen looks forward to this new chapter and building connections that will shape his future as a music producer. Beyond composing, Owen enjoys playing guitar, exploring recording engineering and field recording, and engaging in physical activities such as cycling, running, and tennis. Drawing inspiration from film further enriches his creative pursuits.


One of Owen’s highlights was getting to work alongside recording engineer Phil Hardman in the recording of the renowned Black Dyke Band.

Dream commission:

Creating an electronic and acoustic soundtrack for a TV series or film, working with a range of folk music artists.


Kalimba (recorded), Acoustic/electric guitar (recorded), Bongos and other percussion (record and sampled)


House, IDM