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MediaTracks is a family-run, independent production label, supplying authentic and innovative music to the worlds of TV, film, advertising and more for over 25 years.

MediaTracks' Customer Commitments

Delivering Exceptional Service with an Expert Team, Attention & Respect, Reliability, and a Commitment to Fairness and Inclusion.

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Exceptional Service:

Delivering exceptional service of the highest professional musical standards.

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Expert Team:

Having an expert team devoted to each client’s particular needs, & ready to react quickly and creatively upon requests.

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Attention & Respect:

Treating each client with the attention & respect that they deserve, caring for them as unique & valuable individuals.

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Reliable and Efficient:

Promoting equality & diversity for all our clients, ensuring parity in the provision of our services & striving for a fair & inclusive industry.

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Fair and Inclusive:

Being 100% reliable & efficient in our service & communication, providing clear & accurate client contact at all times.

The MT Story

Founded in 1996 by Steve Johnson, a prominent composer and performer, MediaTracks has always sought to provide high-quality music for the worldwide broadcast industries. Steve set up the company after spending a great deal of time writing for other libraries, alongside performing with high-profile bands. Steve grew the MediaTracks family by bringing on other composers and working alongside his wife, Wendy, to build a diverse catalogue of music tracks. Steve and Wendy’s goal was always to build a network of writers where quality and relationships were key to the success of the music. To date, MediaTracks has released over 400 albums showcasing the work of their writers, and providing customers with a tremendous choice to meet their requirements.

With 25 years of heritage, MediaTracks is now taking action to make the music industry more inclusive, transparent and approachable. Part of this forward-thinking strategy is to collaborate with diverse partners to get the best out of today’s composers. Our partners include professional music agents, music training institutions, and youth music groups - instilling a love of music writing from a young age and making a commitment to developing that talent all the way through to career level.

Collaborating with MediaTracks creates more space to support artists and composers, discover new talent in all sorts of places, and propel today’s best music out into the world. Get in touch with us if you’d like to discuss working together. Find out more on the Partnerships pages.

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After Steve’s death in 2019, Wendy maintained the business until 2021 when the company passed to new ownership. Father and son team Andrew and William Saunders came on board to continue Steve’s legacy and move the business forward. With Andrew’s background in developing multi-million pound businesses, and William’s experience as a professional musician, the Saunders family will continue bringing world-class music to customers across the globe.

MT Team

MT Team

WhatMakes UsDifferent?

At MediaTracks, we’ve been doing things differently for 25 years.

We’re artist-centered, building strong relationships with each composer who works with us.

We’re passionate about developing young and diverse talent through our collaborations and mentoring schemes, and championing voices which are under-represented in the music industry.

We’re an independent, family-owned production label - but we operate on a global scale.

We’re represented around the world by an impressive collection of sub-publishers, and we produce high quality tracks covering choral and vocal, pop and dance, and world music.

If all this sounds good to you, get in touch with us to find out more.

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