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To use Mediatracks music you must register to be an authorised user of production music with the MCPS. Go online to the MCPS production music pages by clicking:

After making  an application, a P number will be allocated to you by the MCPS which will then allow you to use our music download facility, after registering your details with us.


The up to date MCPS rates for the use of production music can be viewed online at

Production music (or library music) is music specifically written for inclusion in audio and audio visual productions, such as advertisements , broadcast programmes, film and video productions.

It is available to download or on compact disc for convenient, high quality and cost - effective synchronisation or dubbing into such productions. Obtaining a licence is a simple process involving only a minimum of administration involvement by the user to ensure the required licence is issued and the correct fees are paid.

Mediatracks Music Library material is composed specifically for use with audio visual and broadcast productions , and is available in a variety of moods and lengths. After registering with the MCPS as a production music user, there are no pre-clearance formalities involved in its use.

Mediatracks Music Library CD's are licensed on a non-exclusive basis through the MCPS in the U.K or from our network of international agents. The fees are based on rates set by the local societies.

Licences are issued by the MCPS and cover the right to reproduce the musical works and sound recordings.

Copyright exists in composition and recordings, and a license for the use must be obtained prior to any exhibition or distribution of Mediatracks product. This can be obtained in the U.K.from:

The Licensing Department 

Mechanical Copyright Protection Society
Elgar House, 41 Streatham High Road,
London SW16 1ER

Tel:  +44 181 769 4400
Fax: +44 181 769 8792

And appointed worldwide agents.

Broadcast and public performance may only be made by companies and establishments licensed by:

The Performing Rights Society

29-33 Berners Street
London W1P 4AA

Tel:  +44 171 580 5544 
Fax: +44 171 580 6750

And in other countries of the world by their affiliated societies.

All performances must be notified to such societies. All rights of the manufacturers, owners and performers reserved.The work is copyright, no part may be produced or stored without the permission of the publisher.


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